CEMA Summit: 5 Takeaways to Push Your Event to the Next Level

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Between an intense U.S. presidential campaign season, the Pokémon Go revolution and all manner of world events monopolizing the news cycle, I’m sure I’m not the only one finding it challenging to focus on the day to day. Luckily, this year’s … Read On

4 Key Steps in Decoding Event RFP Responses

Category: Events, Procurement
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It’s no secret that event RFPs are different than other marketing agency selection efforts. But preparing and submitting a formal Request For Proposal is only half the battle… now, you’re charged with evaluating the responses. So where do you start with … Read On

Top Event Sponsorship Trends

Category: Exhibitions, Sponsorships
Sponsorships, sponsor, event sponsor, live event sponsor

As an event organizer, you understand that incorporating mutually beneficial sponsorships is a huge part of executing a successful event — not to mention garnering the ROI you desire. Still, it can be hard to know where to start when you’re … Read On

Q&A — How to Create a Winning Live Event

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You’ve invested countless hours, and poured your heart into creating a live event that you can be proud of. When the big day comes, the stage lights shine, your attendees show up and participate. Your presenters get a nice round of … Read On