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The Difference a Day Makes

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Apr 05, 2012

Larry Colby is Director of Sales at GES

As we go about our busy professional and personal lives, we sometimes fail to stop and think about individuals who have had a major impact in our lives. Readers Digest has a section titled, “The Most Interesting Person You Have Met,” and it reminded me to stop and think about someone who’s made a huge impact on my life.

It didn’t take but a moment to think of Denise Machado. She’s that special of an individual to me. The impact she had during her 13 years in finance at GES is deserving of this type of attention, and it’s only part of her continued story.

Life changed for Denise on January 7, 2011. She was told that she had brain cancer after an emergency visit at the US Naval Base ER. Her husband Jose, in the Navy serving in Iraq at the time, took 108 hours and several airplane changes to make it back by her side never realizing that over the next 13 months they would be fighting a different type of war. One that takes every part of your life as you know it, sets it aside and forces you to look at what truly is important.

From the moment of her diagnosis, she had the, “I can beat this,” attitude (not to mention the love and concern for her family over herself).  Denise has been slowly battling back from this dreaded disease. It’s clearly shown everyone around her what type of woman she is. Her strong will, drive, loving personality and passion for life remains present during her daily fight.

This is why she not only deserves the title she was given in 2006 of, “Worldwide Employee of the Year,” but my “Most Interesting Person.”  What they’ve endured this past year can only be measured by the overriding positive improvement she continues to make.

Our GES family continues to keep her and her family in our prayers.  We do this through simple cards, chocolate and her favorite edible arrangements. We’ll continue them on a regular basis to show her just how much our time together means.  Her name is still and will remain on her door as she improves over time.  We miss her and stand ready to support her, Jose and their two daughters at a moment’s notice. That’s what families do. Denise knows that her family stretches further than blood, but extends to all 3,000 of us in the GES Global Network.

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By: Larry Colby

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